Clorox Concentrated Germicidal Bleach 121 oz

Clorox Concentrated Germicidal Bleach 121 oz

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  • Clorox Germicidal Bleach

    Experience trustworthy, concentrated germ-killing power, and see why Clorox Germicidal Bleach is used in professional facilities and leading hospitals throughout the world. It’s concentrated for great value, and EPA registered to kill 49 organisms.

    Arm yourself with an 8.25% concentrated bleach—a higher level than retail bleach—and feel confident about killing germs. Clorox Germicidal Bleach is ideal for busy environments including healthcare facilities, offices, schools, kitchens and other professional sites.

    Product Information

    • Germicidal Bleach from CloroPro
    • Cleans, disinfects and deodorizes a variety of surfaces
    • Kills multiple strains of MRSA, norovirus and three strains of influenza
    • Kills C. difficile spores in 3 minutes*
    • Suitable for food-contact surfaces: Kills salmonella, E. coli and listeria
    • Shelf Life: 12 months
    • Size: 121 fl. oz. bottle
    • 3 Bottles per case
    • Sold by the case
    • Manufacturer: CloroxPro
    • Manufacturer's Product ID: 30966

    Key Surfaces:

    • For Disinfecting: Floors, Walls, Vinyl, Glazed Tile, Bathtubs, Showers, Sinks
    • For Sanitizing: Work Surfaces, Refrigerators and Freezers, Dishes, Glassware, Utensils, Dishcloths and Rags
    • For Deodorizing: Garbage Cans, Drains
    • For Mold & Mildew Removal: All hard, nonporous surfaces

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