Holder Tube Vacutainer Single Use Clear Nonstackable

Holder Tube Vacutainer Single Use Clear Nonstackable

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BD Vacutainer Needle Holder makes collecting blood samples easier with vacuum tube systems. You connect the system by threading the holder over the needle. Then, perform venipuncture and use your middle and forefingers to grip the flanges while inserting the necessary collection tubes.

If you are collecting more than one sample, this product prevents any excess blood from accidentally overflowing over the tubing, caregiver, or patient. The clear coloring allows for easy monitoring of the collection while the ribbed barrel helps you get a tighter grip.

It is non-stackable and designed for single-use to eliminate cross contamination risks. Once all samples have been collected, it can be easily disposed of with the collection system. There is no need to take them apart.

BD Vacutainer Single-Use Needle Holder Features, Benefits and Specifications

Features and Benefits

  • OSHA Compliant
  • Quick and Easy Disposal
  • Ribbed Barrel for Better Grip


  • Product Number: 364815
  • Color: Clear
  • Manufacturer: BD Becton Dickinson

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