Purell®  Alcohol Formulation Sanitizing Wipes 80 Count Canister

Purell® Alcohol Formulation Sanitizing Wipes 80 Count Canister

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Purell 9030-12 Details

Ideal for instances where water or towels are not accessible, these Purell® 9030-12 Alcohol Formulation hand sanitizing wipes work to kill germs without being harsh on the skin. Formulated for use in any foodservice or processing facility, these wipes are fragrance and dye free so you can clean hands and then handle food. The textured surface and non-linting fabric of these durable wipes work to effectively clean dirt and other soils from hands. Not only do they kill more than 99.99% of the most common germs, but they will leave hands feeling soft and smooth.

With its advanced, fast-acting formula, this trusted brand of hand sanitizing wipes is sure to satisfy your patients, staff, and guests. These 6" x 7" wipes are also great for cleaning and sanitizing on the go! They are packaged in a slim, round 80 count canister that is easy to use as-is and transport. Simply open the top and pull out a single wipe for individual use! Once a wipe is soiled, it's as easy as disposing of it in the nearest waste basket. Help soothe hands and maintain skin health and cleanliness with these Purell® sanitizing wipes!

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